Monday, September 19, 2005

New Books in Stores

The first book of my Age of Conan trilogy, Scion of the Serpent, is now appearing in stores. I didn't expect it until the official release date of the 27th, but my local bookstore called me last Monday and asked me to come and sign copies, so they're out there in the distribution system, even if your local store doesn't have them yet. Amazon (see link above) was still showing it as coming soon, but hopefully that will change shortly.

(Update September 28th, 2005. This book now shows as available on

The German translation of my first MechWarrior book, Fortesss of Lies, known there as Festung der L├╝gen is also out. The first link will take you to the English edition on Amazon USA, the second to the German edition on also has the English version, if any readers in Germany want it instead (or in addition to).

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