Thursday, January 12, 2006

Undercover uncovered

I've finally be given the go-ahead by my editor at Wizkids to unveil the cover for my upcoming MechWarrior Dark Age novel, "Trial By Chaos." I think it's a beautiful cover (art by Fred Gambino, check out his site for a spectacular gallery of work). The computer scan doesn't do it justice. Here on the cover-flat, it seems almost looks 3-D. For some time now, this cover has appeared on my web pages with a "Top Secret" banner across the painting.

Why? Well, the new Ghost Clan Mech pictured (the Karhu) is part of a new release of MechWarrior gaming miniatures, and they wanted to keep the art under wraps until the set was being released.

Anyway, here's the cover. Hope you like it as much as I do.


  1. Only thing I don't like about the cover is something that's not Fred's fault at all—I wish they didn't use the frame, so that his art would be bigger! :)

  2. With that, I can certainly agree. Oh, and they could make my name bigger while they're at it. LOL!