Friday, March 03, 2006

Still out here

It's been a while since I posted, in part because there hasn't been a lot to report, but also just because I've been throwing myself into other distractions since we lost Banzai. I kept looking at the blog though, and thinking what a depressing note that was to leave things out. "Hey, everybody! Come on over to Steve's blog and get bummed-out! It's fun!"

So here I am today, with still not a huge lot to report. I'm still waiting on information from Wiz Kids so I can start outlining my next MechWarrior Dark Age book. My upcoming MechWarrior books, Trial by Chaos should be out in June. Chris' Alias book, Strategic Reserve should be in stores most any time now.

We did also just get invited to work on another Star Trek ebook project, similar to our previous Star Trek SCE work in format, but a different line. It may be premature to talk about that though, so I'll just tease for the moment.

Still missing Banzai sometimes, but I'm feeling better. His run was short, but good. He's buried in the corner of the front yard. Right now, there are just some old bricks on top of his grave, but the other day I had an inspiration. Why not take it and turn it into something fun? I'm giving serious though to getting some bags of dirt and a pile of paver bricks and building a miniature "lost tomb of Banzai" as a garden feature. It would be a little GI Joe sized ruin peeking out of a mound of earth, with cat statues on the steps, and perhaps some other "in-jokes" for Banzai.

Strange? Macabre? Maybe, but Banzai was a fun-loving and kind of theatrical cat, so I think he'd appreciate it. Besides, it will give future generations something to puzzle over.


  1. I cannot find Trial by Chaos in any sort of ebook format anywhere. Any suggestions? Thanks

  2. I haven't checked in a while, but it looks like "Trial by Chaos" is out of print in the paperback edition. I'm not sure, but the license may have lapsed on these, in which case the eBook is almost certainly gone too.

    The good news is that I've heard some rumors of the license changing hands, and there's at least a vague possibility of these things getting reissued from another publisher. I'll certainly post here if I have sharable specifics.

  3. Wow, you read your own blog! :) That's awesome, thanks for the response.

  4. More than I've been posting on it recently. (grin) Anyway, if there are new developments, I suspect you'll find them at: