Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Heretic is coming! a bookstore near you. My local independent bookstore called last week, asking me to come and sign copies of "Heretic of Set," the second book in my "Age of Conan" trilogy. Experience has shown this means that the distributors have them, but it will likely be at least a week or two (longer in some cases) before Amazon and major chain book stores get them.

There's a lesson for you. If you're really eager to get a new book by a favorite author, you may do better to order it through a good, local, indie bookstore than waiting for it to show up at a major chain. (Not all indies are good, and not all good book stores are indie, I know that, but that's why you need to get out there, find a good one, and develop a relationship.) You get your book quicker, and support diversity in booksellers too.

Hey, that reminds me: it's not too early to order that "Scion of the Serpent" book too! :)

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