Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Given that between us Chris and I have three web pages and two blogs, none of which have easy-to-remember URLs, we decided that we needed a easy access-point on the web, one that could go on business card, Herbie's licence plate frame *, etc. So here it is:

There isn't much there at the moment other than some introductory text and links back to our blogs, but you might want to bookmark it anyway, as it will serve as the hub of our little web of -- well -- web. Impressive bunch of book covers there too, if I say so myself.

* Yes, Herbie's new licence plate will be "NEW LUV," given that he's a "Love Bug" and unlike the original Herbie, a new Beetle. Given that Chris writes (along with lots of other stuff) romance, this is appropriate. To this, we plan to add a licence plate frame that says, "Love to Read?" and then "" Herbie gets so much attention everywhere he goes, we might as well put those eyeballs to work for us.

Herbie Trivia Fact: The real Herbie's license plate number is California OFP 857.


  1. Another Herbie fact:

    Herbie's number 53 was originally chosen by Bill Walsh, producer of the original Love Bug in 1966, as it was worn at the time by Los Angeles Dodger ace Don Drysdale.

  2. More Herbie trivia. Gotta love it.