Friday, October 28, 2005

Kindergarten Herbie

Here's Herbie in front of the Kintergarten Cop school, and strange crossover if there ever was one. This is located only a few blocks from the "Goonies House," but to be honest, I don't know the movie well enough to know which of the houses it was.

We had a great time in Astoria, and plan to go back. Perhaps we'll make an intentional round of the movie locations. I just spotted the list on-line, and discovered that we did to go a couple of Goonies locations today, quite by accident, the old County Jail, and the Flavel House (a huge Victorian built by a sea captain), which we toured this morning. I'll post some cool shots of the Flavel house later.

I'm still catching up on Astoria here, but right now, we're in the western suburbs of Portland, about to make the rounds of some of the large chain bookstores to sign stock. Will stay here until Sunday I think.

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